Tarilian Laser Technologies (TLT) announces that it is exploring a collaboration with Oracle Health Sciences

Tarilian Laser Technologies (TLT) announces that it is exploring a collaboration with Oracle Health Sciences

Tarilian Laser Technologies (TLT) announces that it is exploring a collaboration with Oracle Health Sciences, a global leader in clinical trial software solutions. The two companies are collaborating around the expanded use of connected medical sensors and wearables within digital clinical trials. Integrating their technologies will enable clinical researchers to review and analyse high frequency blood pressure measurements, alongside associated clinical trial data, providing deep insight into a patient’s response to a new therapy.

“Regular monitoring of blood pressure within a clinical trial is not only critical to ensuring drug safety, but can also be a key efficacy indicator within many cardiovascular therapies. TLT’s technology can uniquely monitor BP continuously, both within and outside of the clinic. We are excited to explore the potential use cases of remote patient BP monitoring in collaboration with Oracle, and their Oracle Health Sciences mHealth Connector Cloud Service, to feed data direct to sponsor clinical trial systems. We believe that capturing continuous BP, with minimal burden on the patient, will provide high quality real world evidence to support clinical trial submissions” said Dr. Sandeep Shah, CEO of Tarilian Laser Technologies Ltd.

About Tarilian Laser Technologies Limited

Tarilian Laser Technologies Limited (TLT) is a Medtech Company based in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, UK (Head Office and Labs), as well as having its TLT-Vicardio® Commercial office in Leeds, UK and also its US operations office in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.  TLT is also opening a new regulatory office in Singapore. Our main clinical centre is The Barts Heart Centre in London, Europe’s largest cardiovascular research centre.

Please see: www.tarilian.co.uk to directly access the 30-minute Bloomberg World-Wide Business Interview that summarises Tarilian Laser Technologies.

TLT is an advanced Medtech SME and is 13485(2016) registered with solid competencies in medical engineering, research & development, clinical trials, regulatory affairs and commercialisation. TLT has developed a novel optical platform based on its internal proprietary patented opto-electronic micro-sensor for full haemodynamic profiling including an ability to generate beat to beat blood pressure, compliance data, cardiac output and regional blood flow and blood pressure.  A unique aspect of the TLT Sapphire sensor is that no energy enters the body at all – hence it is truly NON-invasive and also does not require any compression/cuff and or require any calibration in any manner. You simply apply the sensor on the body and it works instantly delivering continuous beat to beat haemodynamic data. The technology has already won many awards and TLT has continued with a number of additional break-throughs in sensor development- and now is planning a series of product launches from Early 2019, to begin the introduction of the technology into a number of international Medtech and consumer wearable markets. Unlike other attempts at cuffless technology over the past 50 years – which have relied on invasion of energy into the body and reflection back to a detector – which is problematic and highly inaccurate – the TLT team have broken a major barrier in sensor technology and developed a high-fidelity system that accurately and effectively generates the most important surface physiological parameters that determine blood pressure. This technology which has over 49 patents is a paradigm shift and will create a whole new series of applications in consumer and hospital care.

Commenting on an impressive 2018, Dr Shah, CEO of TLT  and Senior Clinical Fellow at The Barts Heart Centre, Europe’s leading Cardiovascular Centre stated: “ TLT has successfully won a whole series of awards and acclaim in 2018. Furthermore, we are pleased to announce that TLT has been named as a Finalist in The  2019 10th IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® in the Top Innovators Healthcare Category. We are now eager to examine the powerful potential of the TLT technology across all clinical trial domains.”

Contact: Dr Sandeep Shah (CEO)

Tarilian Laser Technologies Ltd

Phone: 01707 332 883

Email: s.shah@tltsensors.co.uk

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