Dr Sandeep Shah (CEO & Co-founder)

Sandeep is a pioneer in the MedTech Sector, with significant corporate board-level expertise. He is a London-trained Physician and an expert in angiology and haemodynamics as well as an expert in medical technology innovation, development, regulation, clinical development and commercialisation. Sandeep, the founding Editor of the Medtech Business Review and associated Medtech Investment Conference Series; and is a founder member of the IPAC(devices) Committee of the National Institute of Clinical Excellence and has been involved in other senior positions across the industry.

Nita Shah (CTO & Co-founder)

Nita graduated from Queen Mary College London and is also post grad from Brunel University. She is a Clinical scientist with expertise in medical devices having worked in Transfusion Medicine, within the NHS, WHO and the global medical industry. Her experience spans from engineering through to molecular biology and her responsibilities include the entire Medtech engineering and technical programmes, regulatory and QMS accreditations, and intellectual property management.

Mahesh Shah (Commercial Director)

Mahesh is an entrepreneur with over thirty years’ experience in the Pharmaceutical industry. Mahesh was a founding director of Nucare plc, a company operating in the Pharmaceutical Sector. He became the Sales & Marketing Director in 2000 and was CEO from 2002-2009, growing the company organically as well as by joint ventures and acquisitions with operations in the UK as well as overseas. He managed 250 employees and a wide shareholder base with over 700 shareholders. In November 2007 he led a successful trade sale for the company realising an enterprise value of approximately £70,000,000. Mahesh has a number of investments in other business sectors and has held board positions with a number of start-up companies, playing a significant role in strategy and commercial agreements.