TLT Live at the European Society of Hypertension

Dr Sandeep Shah and Dr David Pearce of TLT & ViCardio have been demonstrating the remarkable TLT sensor to many of our colleagues at the European Society of Hypertension meeting in Barcelona (8-11th June 2018). There is a great deal of excitement from clinicians here about our discreet wearable beat to beat sensor and the results of our rigorous clinical trial being undertaken at the Barts Heart Centre, London are awaited with eager anticipation.

Key messages from the conference have been:

  • the new guidelines that initial dual therapy combination treatment is fast, efficient, well tolerated and more effective for the initial control of BP. Single-Pill combination therapy is also recommended to deliver this initial treatment.
  • Nocturnal blood pressure readings often provide the best measure for understanding blood pressure, but Nocturnal ABPM is poorly tolerated by patients. – This is a key area where TLT believes it can make a significant difference to obtaining these valuable readings.

The powerful debate at ESH 2018 in Barcelona confirmed the global need for a new easy to use, continuous and effective solution to blood pressure measurement in the community as well as hospital – and some key clinicians at the congress recognised that TLT Vicardio delivers that very sought after solution in a novel and aethestic form.

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