TLT named as finalist in the PwC Invest in Great Britain campaign

TLT named as finalist in the PwC Invest in Great Britain campaign

Innovative MedTech company Tarilian Laser Technologies (TLT) and its newly formed consumer division ViCardio Ltd have been recognised at two prestigious events. Both awards highlighted the unique power of Tarilian Laser Technologies’ innovative bionsensor platform and its new Consumer product ViCardio® , the world’s first non-invasive, beat-to-beat, high performance blood pressure monitor.

Global accountancy giant PwC awarded TLT a place in the ‘Great Festival of Innovation’ which will take place in Hong Kong during 21-24 March 2018.

TLT have been named as one of six finalists whose video stories will be featured at the festival, which is organised by the UK Government’s Department for International Trade and the Prime Minister’s Office.

Speaking for TLT, Dr Sandeep Shah (CEO) says:

“It is a real honour for TLT to be given this recognition by PWC and the DIT. Our work over the last few years to develop an unique continuous, beat-to-beat, cuffless, blood pressure sensor and monitor is a paradigm shift in how this crucial physiological measurement of health is achieved.

This is of global importance to healthcare providers and patients, as well as offering a major opportunity for British exports. We are very proud to be one of six companies chosen by PwC to represent Great British Innovation.”

Details of the award can be found at: 

Video Transcript

Hello. I’m Dr. Sandeep Shah, the CEO of Tarilian Laser Technologies, and I’m here to tell you what is great about our business. Tarilian Laser Technologies is a great business because our company is very much at the heart of the global health agenda, and represents the very best of med-tech innovative and highly skilled engineering, and clinical development. Due to its technology and strengths, TLT has the unique opportunity to make a substantial and real difference in a whole number of international healthcare markets, but in particular, in hypertension, which is the world’s single biggest medical market, and which affects 50% of the overall adult population.

Our technology’s unique in that it delivers a high performance, high fidelity, noninvasive, accurate, beat to beat blood pressure even better than the current gold standard used in intensive care in hospitals, namely the arterial line. TLT does all of this within the modern, easy to use, consumer-friendly, elegant, and aesthetic design. Our technology is thus built for the modern digital world, and is applicable in any setting.

Asia represents a key growth, economic, and demographic market for TLT, with one of the world’s youngest populations, and one which is increasingly becoming affected by the modern scourge of everyday life, EG, obesity, diabetes, and indeed, high blood pressure. The TLT technology will be a critical new innovation that will substantially improve the health and wellbeing of these populations, importantly preventing disease before it gets established, and negatively affects these key growth global economies.

Innovation is at the very heart of all our activities at TLT, be it in engineering, clinical, or commercial areas. Through the power of our skilled and experienced internal team, and our very powerful partners, we have created a world class sensor technology platform, which has incredible value and importance, and a platform that has innovative applications throughout medicine, but also in animal health, the space and aeronautical industries, oil and gas industries, and automotive industries. Our business, innovative technology, and our energy reflect the ideals and the early adoption behavior within Asia for technology. It also reflects the powerful socioeconomic changes that are actively sweeping across the Asian region. In essence, we have a very substantial differentiated technology that engages very well with the new emerging Asian consumer, and Asian businesses.

TLT is a business that engages also with the deeply ingrained Asian philosophy on health embedded throughout the Asian psyche. All of this is thus a powerful mix for business success.

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