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A Paradigm Shift in Haemodynamic Measurement​

Tarilian Laser Technologies Ltd (TLT), a global Innovator in medical device, digital technology and engineering, delivers unique solutions to the medical and consumer healthcare markets based upon its proprietary and internationally patented opto-electronic sensor which instantly – within a second of application – delivers a continuous and highly accurate blood pressure reading and flow – similar to the output that is generated from an internal invasive arterial line that is used in intensive care. TLT uniquely delivers these vital measurements in everyday settings from the home, office, the gym as well as in clinical environments. In contrast to all other technologies, TLT is easy and extremely comfortable to apply – with no cuff, no application pressure and no calibration required at all. Unlike other attempts at cuffless technology over the past 50 years – which have relied on invasion of energy into the body and reflection back to a detector – which is problematic and highly inaccurate – the TLT team have broken a major barrier in sensor technology and developed a truly non-invasive high-fidelity system that accurately and effectively generates the most important surface physiological parameters that determine blood pressure, without any energy entering the body. This technology has over 47 patents and will create a whole new series of applications in consumer and hospital care environments.

The TLT Sensor

An innovative solution for blood pressure monitoring, the TLT sensor is a novel ground-breaking new optical biosensor that has established a new dimension in the use of light energy to subtlety detect biological signals. This powerful technology platform has multiple applications in medicine and engineering.
TLT has successfully completed the outstanding breakthrough development of a standalone CUFFLESS device that can not only deliver highly accurate blood pressure readings almost anywhere in the body, but can also deliver key information about the entire arterial tree as well as the heart.


It is a cuffless device that delivers a high fidelity signal from which accurate and powerful haemodynamic biometric readings can be made.

Continuous Beat to Beat

It produces continuous beat-to-beat blood pressure measurement within nanoseconds of being applied to the body.

Applied Anywhere

It can be applied anywhere on the body to deliver blood pressure: arms and legs, even delivers blood pressure in the carotid artery in the neck as well as directly in the eye.

Our Products Redefine Blood Pressure Monitoring


ViCardio is TLT's first wireless, wearable consumer device and will be available in Q4 2018. Unlike traditional blood pressure cuffs, the ViCardio™ product is anticipated to deliver a continuous and highly accurate blood pressure reading – similar to the output that is generated from an internal arterial line.

Sapphire 9

Representing a new level of simplicity and accuracy in the outpatient measurement of Blood Pressure. With no requirement for calibration, no discomfort to the patient and a beat to beat output, Sapphire 9 redefines haemodynamic measurement.

24 Hour ABPM

Delivering the most discreet, simple to set-up, cuffless sensor, TLT will redefine the quality, precision and integrity of 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.

Strong Leadership and Governance

TLT is a Hertfordshire- based medical technology corporation which has progressed the creation, research and development of this technology platform and is in the process of entering its manufacturing and commercialisation phase of activity. The Company has a strong management team with expertise in medical engineering and software, clinical research and development, regulations, intellectual property management, manufacturing and commercial development. TLT is progressing the exploitation of its patent protected portfolio through the creation of key strategic partnerships with global technology and healthcare corporations.

Clinical Trials

The TLT sensor achieved outstanding clinical trial results in 2011 within the CE/FDA approval tolerances, and presented in 2012 at the prestigious European Society of Hypertension Congress. TLT since focused on the further miniaturization of the sensor and improvements in accuracy so as to allow TLT to enter the sensor into a second clinical trial using the highest scrutiny possible, that of comparison to intra-arterial lines used in intensive care environments using the SP-10 protocol. This trial, currently in progress at The Barts Heart Centre, is set to complete in Q2 of 2018 and its results will form the basis of CE/FDA certifications.

A ground-breaking sensor that will help to redefine the measurement and monitoring of blood pressure and blood flow across the Global Healthcare sector. This is truly a momentous development in the history of Medicine.
“The TLT Blood Pressure Sensor represents one of the most relevant and exciting breakthroughs in Medical Sensor Technology. Blood pressure is one of the most fundamental and frequently measured parameters of human health from the Intensive Care setting right through to the patient at home. The ability to take frequent accurate beat-to-beat readings is simply an enormous paradigm shift for professionals and consumers world-wide.”

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